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Learning in Year 6

In Year Six, we create an exciting environment in which children are stimulated and develop a lifetime love of learning.

Our curriculum provides lessons that are engaging, meaningful and fun. In order to achieve this, we carefully plan a progressive curriculum, guided by the children’s interests and questions to ensure all pupils succeed. We provide many hands-on experiences and with the right balance of challenge and support, children are actively involved in a range of memorable learning experiences which promote creativity, independence and enjoyment. Consequently, children are well equipped for their next steps in education.

In Year Six, we develop pupils’ key English skills by promoting the enjoyment of writing for a range of audiences and purposes. Reading is shared and celebrated; challenging class texts are interwoven through our curriculum and form the basis for teaching and learning. In Maths, pupils are encouraged to use concrete materials and pictorial representations to explore all aspects of the mathematical curriculum and to expose the structure of the four operations. In all subjects, children are encouraged to deepen understanding rather than accelerate through new content and our curriculum enables learning through investigation and self-discovery.

Through a wide range of opportunities, including a week’s residential visit, pupils develop their organisational skills, confidence, awareness of social situations and how to stay safe Through group discussions, we encourage pupils to make the right choices as they prepare for adolescence and their futures.

As a school we celebrate perseverance, resilience and risk-taking, ensuring children welcome challenge and are not afraid to make mistakes. Most importantly, we recognise the importance of the relationship between home and school as we strive to support children in their endeavour to achieve their true potential.