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Learning in Year 4

In Year Four at Knowle CE Primary Academy, we want to create the opportunity for all children to immerse themselves fully into Key Stage Two and the exciting challenges that it will bring.

After successfully transitioning into Key Stage Two, our pupils can now understand their role as independent learners within school. We reasonably expect them to master key skills such as: organisation, time management and to continue the commitment and motivation towards learning and developing as children.

Teaching and learning at Knowle CE Primary Academy does not stand still. We are constantly striving to excite, challenge and motivate all pupils. Through our child-centred approach, we take the lead from the children’s imagination, building on their interests and strengths as well as developing their next steps. Whilst designing our rich and challenging curriculum, we deliver a range of lessons that engage all pupils and adopt different styles of learning giving the opportunity for practical, collaborative learning as well as stretching their reasoning skills.

As a school we celebrate perseverance, resilience and risk taking, ensuring children welcome challenge and are not afraid to make mistakes. We also actively encourage an open door policy recognising that as parents/carers you will want to fully participate in your child’s progress and share in their achievements and work with us to get the best outcome for your child.

The content and rigour of our Year Four curriculum raises expectations and inspires our pupils to achieve the very best they can. However, central to academic achievements is our ethos at Knowle CE Primary Academy of, ‘We work, we play, we care, we pray’. We aim for your child to mature emotionally and socially and feel confident but, above all, enjoy their time in Year Four.