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Learning in Year 3

At Knowle CE Primary Academy, we feel that it is essential that pupils always feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings so that they can achieve their full potential. In Year Three, we work hard to ensure that there is a smooth transition between Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. There are a lot of new routines and changes as the children are based in a different area of school which is exciting but can also be daunting. For example: they wear a different uniform, will be using the junior hall for assemblies and P.E. and they have access to the junior play equipment (which they love). Another perk of being in Key Stage Two is hot tuck. At break time, children can go and choose from a range of hot tuck including toast, tea cakes and juice. It is the pupils’ responsibility to discuss with their parent or carer how often they have hot tuck. Some children have it every day and others have it for a treat on a Friday.

It is really important that children develop their levels of independence as they move into Key Stage 2 so we encourage this wherever possible, e.g. reminding them that it is their responsibility to remember to hand their homework in on time and manage their own reading diary by completing tasks after they have finished reading a book.

Reading for pleasure is a key focus in Key Stage Two. As a school, we encourage children to nurture a love of reading and choose from texts that are engaging and exciting. All children have access to the Year Three reading area which contains books that are age appropriate and written by a variety of the newest and most popular authors. We understand that all pupils are at different stages of development with their reading and so we support their reading with the Project X reading scheme; however, we encourage all children to take a book of their choice home to share with somebody, who may choose to read it to them, so that they are exposed to, and can enjoy, a range of new and stimulating texts.

As a school we celebrate perseverance, resilience and risk taking, ensuring children welcome challenge and are not afraid to make mistakes but most importantly we recognise the importance of parents/carers in their child’s progress and endorse and open door policy, so please feel free to ask us any questions.