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Learning in Nursery

Nursery is your child’s first exciting step as they begin their school journey. During the Summer Term we hope to be able to meet you at our ‘stay and play’ session where the children are introduced to their new Nursery environment and teachers. This helps with the smooth transition from home to Nursery and this transition continues as we invite each child to bring a parent with them in September to play in their new classroom.

Our main aim during the initial weeks is to ensure that each child feels safe, settled and secure where they develop positive relationships and bonds with those around them. By the end of the first term you’ll be amazed by their confidence and ability as they perform the Nativity story in their first Knowle CE Primary Academy ‘production!’

At Knowle CE Primary Academy, the EYFS team know and understand that children learn rapidly through rich opportunities, where they explore, investigate and discover. Our topic based curriculum provides activities that are engaging, meaningful and fun. In order to achieve this, we carefully plan a progressive curriculum, guided by the children’s interests’ and questions to ensure all pupils succeed. We provide many hands on experiences and with the right balance of challenge and support. Children are actively involved in a range of memorable learning experiences which promote creativity, independence and enjoyment.

We believe in parent/teacher collaboration and parents are welcomed into the setting, where we encourage them to be involved in their child’s school experiences. This partnership also includes ‘WOW’ books which allow parents to work with their children and show us what they achieve at home.

In Nursery we delight in encouraging each child to flourish and grow. Encouraging creativity and imagination, the children are stimulated through their play and the magic of childhood is captured.