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Our Governors

Board of Governors

*Sarah CovingtonChair of GovernorsFoundation Governor (Birmingham Diocese)
Re-appointed 26/2/19
*Lynda MackayVice Chair of GovernorsCommunity Governor
Re-appointed 2/7/21
Chair of Resources and Planning Committee
*Pam SidwellVice Chair of GovernorsCommunity Governor
Re-appointed 9/7/20
Chair of Scrutiny and Standards Committee
*Hilary MorrisFoundation Governor (Knowle United Charities)
Re-appointed 1/4/21
Chair of Curriculum & Collaborative Partnerships Committee
*Rev. Geoff LanhamVicar (Ex-officio Church Governor)
Appointed 9/9/19
Gerald BreatnachAppointed 4/6/18
*Members are also trustees/governors
Jenny GodsallPrincipal (Ex-officio staff Governor)
Appointed 1/4/13
Nick HillierCommunity Governor
Re-appointed 9/3/21
Chris WeltonCommunity Governor, linked to Knowle Parish Church
Re- appointed 4/5/21
Charlotte HarrisStaff Governor
Re-appointed 2/7/21
Patricia AllenAssociate Governor - Staff
Term of Office Finished 2/7/21
Helen FulkerStaff Governor
Appointed 6/12/17
Cathryn BartleyCo-opted Governor
Appointed 12/03/20
Spence RankinCo-opted Governor
Appointed 9/7/20
Steven DayAssociate Governor - Parent
Re-appointed 02/07/21
Sian HarrisParent Governor
Appointed 15/2/18
Hannah AgerParent Governor
Appointed 15/2/18
Hugo FitzgeraldParent Governor
Apppointed 15/2/18